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About Jaw Law

JAW LAW was created to provide dentists with an additional resource–specifically, a legal resource–to help navigate all the information flooding the Internet regarding the business of dentistry. 

JAW LAW is the project of the attorneys at McGregor & Oblad, PLLC, a dental-specific law group based out of Dallas, Texas. The team at McGregor has represented clients in thousands of dental transactions across the country. JAW LAW is intended to help transfer some of this acquired knowledge to a wider audience.

It should go without saying–but we must say (after all, we’re lawyers)–JAW LAW does not constitute legal advice, nor does it replace hiring a competent lawyer in your matter. These podcasts are meant to make dentists more aware of issues that may arise in certain transactions and how others in the marketplace deal with them. In no way is JAW LAW intended to substitute the use of a real lawyer.

Please feel free to request podcast content on our Contact page. Additionally, please feel free to contact our attorneys at

Liquidated Damages

In this episode, dental lawyer Joseph McGregor explains the impact that liquidated damages may have on your practice and how to understand them when you see them on a contract.

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In this episode, dental lawyer Joseph McGregor goes over the types of deadlines that first-time practice buyers and first-time dentists may face, as well as how to handle them.

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In a follow-up to our recent Entities episode, dental lawyer Joseph McGregor explains why filing a Delaware corporation is rarely the right move.

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In this episode, dental lawyer Joseph McGregor explains the ins and outs of having, forming, and maintaining a corporate entity. And, as a bonus, he explains when and if you need a lawyer to help with it.

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